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Kai Xu

13:30-16:00 July 4
Topology optimization and
implementation algorithms of
continuum surgical manipulators

Research direction:

Mainly engaged in Continuum Mechanism Design Synthesis, Surgical Robots, Flexible Manipulators, etc.

Major Experiences:

Xu Kai, Doctor of Engineering, Professor and Doctoral Tutor, School of Mechanical and Dynamic Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In 2001 and 2004, he received his bachelor's and master's degrees from Tsinghua University; in 2009, he received his doctoral degree from Columbia University, the highest scholarship of Columbia University, the Outstanding Presidential Scholarship. In 2008, he awarded as the National Outstanding Self-funded Student Scholarship of China; and his doctoral dissertation awarded as excellent doctoral dissertation of Columbia University. In 2009, he selected as the Ministry of Education's Outstanding Talents Support Plan for the New Century, and Shanghai's Pujiang Talents Support Plan in 2011. Then, he selected as Samsung Corporation's Global Research and Development Plan in Korea in the same year (most of them were professors from world famous schools such as MIT and Stanford in the same period); and Shanghai's Youth Science and Technology Star Initiation Plan in 2013. In 2017, he awarded the Excellent Youth Science Foundation by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

He presided over four projects of the National Natural Science Foundation. In addition, he presided over one of the key R&D projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, one of the Global Research and Development Program of the Samsung Institute of Technology of Korea, one of the Supporting Program for Excellent Talents in the New Century of the Ministry of Education. Also, he presided over one of the Pujiang Talents Program in Shanghai, and one of the Starting Plan for Youth Science and Technology in Shanghai. To plan a project; to participate in a national 973 project as an academic secretary and backbone; to participate in a key project of the Natural Science Foundation. He published more than 60 papers. As the first applicant, he was granted 17 patents for invention in China.

As associate editor of the top journal of robotics, IEEE Transactions on Robotics. He has been a reviewer of many first-class international academic journals for many years. He was appointed as a member of the Committee of the Medical Robot Engineering and Clinical Application Branch of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, and was invited as an international expert of ISO/TC184/SC2/JWG9 on behalf of China.

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