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The Institute of Medical Robotics in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is a multidisciplinary platform established by SJTU in 2017 to advance the field of medical robotics and related technologies with emphasis on benefitting patients and creating socio-economic values. This top-level institute operates directly under SJTU and works closely with other academic schools/departments. The main research directions include the fundamental research in micro/nano systems, perception and cognition, bioinspired systems, and smart materials, as well as the applied research in surgical robotics, rehabilitation and assistive robotics, image-guided intervention, brain-computer interaction, microelectronics, implantables and neuro-interfaces, biophotonics, and precision mechatronics. By leveraging the unique strength of SJTU's medical school and affiliated hospitals, the Institute has also established joint clinical research centers for targeted




Aiming to match the international level of advanced medical robotics technology and to meet the needs of high-end medical diagnosis, rehabilitation technology and high-end medical equipments and industrial development strategy in China, the Institute sponsors world-class R&D talents to perform innovative research, technology transformation and industrial development of medical robotics in China and to establish a multi-disciplinary training program that creates the high-end talents for the national medical robotics industry.


To be the first class in the world and in China, and to a create core technology research and development platform for medical robotics;


To be a key technology transformation platform for medical robotics industry in Shanghai and China ;


To act as a hub for frontier research in medical robotics, a gathering place for the top talents, and the source of industrial innovation and transformation with international influence.




To develop the cutting-edge technologies for intelligent and minimally invasive medical robots that can overcome major diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, and stroke, and achieve accurate diagnosis and minimally invasive treatments; To boost the cooperation between academia and the local government as well as with enterprises; To combine the academic knowledge with industrial practice and clinical needs;


To rapidly transform and become an important sponsor of "Southern Science and Technology Innovation Center" in Shanghai and support the construction of the Global Innovation Center in Science and Technology in Shanghai;


To support and serve the development of medical robotics industry in China.

Institute of Medical Robotics

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