IMR's 2020 winter vacation work schedule

According to SJTU’s 2020 winter vacation work schedule notice and the IMR’s winter vacation work schedule, students’ winter vacation will start from January 13 (Monday) to February 23 (Sunday), 2020, and teachers’ winter vacation will start from January 16 (Thursday) to February 19 (Wednesday).

In order to guarantee the work needs of IMR’s teachers and students, there will be staff on duty during the winter vacation. Please see the attachment for detailed duty schedule. During the winter vacation, the duty time is 9:00-11:30 in the morning and 1:30-4:30 in the afternoon.


Notice: Vacation is a period of high incidence of security accidents and thefts. Teachers are requested to remind students to pay attention to safety, pay attention to and implement safety and anti-theft work, and carry out the self-inspection of office, laboratory and student office areas. The key points of inspection are:
1. Whether the fire control facilities and devices are normal, whether the fire control passageways are unobstructed, especially whether the fire control materials at the locations which demand special fire control are complete.
2. Registration and daily management of toxic, hazardous, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods.
3. Inspection of electrical equipment, wires and circuits, focusing on the aging of equipment and wiring. Shut down, overhaul or update them in time.
4. Use safety of fire and electricity. Prevent freezing and cracking of water pipes.
5. Important laboratory equipment, etc.
6. Safety management of small construction projects.


Wish all teachers a happy Chinese New Year!


Duty Schedule

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