Postdoctoral recruitment notice for Professor Guang-Zhong Yang’s team

The Institute of Medical Robotics (IMR) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) ( is a multidisciplinary platform to advance the field of medical robotics and related technologies with emphasis on benefiting patients and creating socio-economic values. This top-level institute operates directly under SJTU and works closely with other academic schools/departments. The main research directions include the fundamental research in micro/nano systems, perception and cognition, bioinspired systems, and smart materials, as well as the applied research in surgical robotics, rehabilitation and assistive robotics, image-guided intervention, AI and human-robot interaction, biophotonics, and precision mechatronics. By leveraging the unique strength of SJTU’s medical school and affiliated hospitals, IMR has also established joint clinical research centers for targeted diseases.


Guang-Zhong Yang, Founding Dean of IMR, Chair Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, IEEE Fellow, IET Fellow, IAMBE Fellow, AIMBE Fellow, former professor at Imperial College London, Founding Director of the Hamlyn Center for Robotic Surgery, Founding Editor-in-chief of Science Robotics. His main research interests are medical imaging technology, sensor technology and robotics. Breakthroughs have been made in minimally invasive surgical robots, micro-nano robots, advanced materials and other fields. In recent years, Prof. Yang has proposed and realized the use of micro-processing, biophotonics and machine visual technologies for the development of key technologies and systems for specialized and intelligent surgical robots, providing new methods for minimally invasive and precise diagnosis and treatment of major diseases such as tumors, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.


Recruitment Position


Promotion Channel
Outstanding post-doctoral fellows who meet the requirements of SJTU’s long-term teaching track can directly apply for the long-term teaching track.


Recruitment Directions
Surgical robots, rehabilitation assistance robots, imaging navigation intervention, biophotonics, precision mechatronics, micro-nano robots, intelligent materials, etc. and related research directions.


Recruitment Conditions
1. Obtained a doctorate degree from well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad in the past 3 years and have a graduate degree, and the age is not more than 35 years old;
2. Has published high-level research papers in related fields or has strong research and development capabilities.


Job Responsibilities
1. Engage in scientific research, actively organize and undertake national, provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological projects, obtain landmark scientific and technological achievements of international advanced level, and publish high-level academic papers;
2. Actively promote the transformation of achievements and technologies;
3. Participate in the construction and other social service work of IMR.


Job Treatment
The annual salary (including rental subsidy) shall not be less than 242,000 RMB, and there will be additional performance rewards;
Set up the “Morning Star Postdoctoral Incentive Program”, and the annual salary of the selected candidates will be increased by 40,000 RMB per year, and those who obtain the incentive plan will be given priority to enter the teaching track;
Encourage applications for talent projects, scientific research funds, encourage international cooperation and participation in international conferences;
Encourage and assist in applying for the National Postdoctoral Innovation Program and Shanghai Super Postdoctoral Program;
Have the post-doctorate related benefits stipulated by Shanghai Jiao Tong University;


Please send the application materials by E-mail. The title of the email should be: Apply for a postdoctor of IMR + Name: 1. A copy of your resume (including personal information such as birth date and contact information); 2. Published paper list and five full texts of representative works; 3. Main work performance; 4. Two letters of recommendation.


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