2023 Medical Robotics and Intelligent Imaging Summer Schoo successfully held

T Medical Robotics and Intelligent Imaging Summer School (hereinafter referred to as the "Summer School") was successfully concluded on 15 July 2023 in Conference Room E200 of Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University. The Summer School was a week-long programme focusing on "Medical Robotics and Intelligent Imaging", with a series of cutting-edge lectures and in-depth discussions, cross-cultural exchange visits and experiences, and other activities. This year's summer school was specially designed for the International Summer School of the Graduate School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, hosted by SJTU and organised by the Institute of Medical Robotics and the National Engineering Research Centre for High-end Magnetic Resonance Diagnosis and Treatment (NERCIMRT). Professors and clinicians from SJTU, Shanghai Chest Hospital, Tsinghua University, Max Planck Institute (Germany), IIT (Italy), University of Bristol (UK) and University of Surrey (Surrey) were invited to give lectures and guidance.

The Summer School is a highly selective programme, limited to about 25 international young scholars each year. This summer school received applications from 17 universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore and other countries, and after a rigorous CV screening and inspection, 25 students were finally recruited, respectively from: Imperial College of Science and Technology, University College London, Johns Hopkins University, the National University of Singapore, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the University of Nottingham, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Nankai University, etc. The summer school adopts the method of "expert lectures + project practice" throughout the whole course of the programme.

This summer school adopts the method of "expert lectures + project practice" throughout the whole process. Twenty-five senior undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD students from universities around the world met to talk to international experts in the field, search for the truth with respect, and rise to the practical challenges!

The Summer School has always focused on academic exchanges and cooperation in the theme areas and multicultural collision and communication. This year's Summer School has a rich and compact programme, which not only invites a number of renowned professors and scholars in the theme areas to share exciting academic lectures, but also includes laboratory practice on different topics and field visits to key hospitals at the front line of the clinic. In addition, through different cultural exchange activities, participants from all over the world had a more direct and deeper understanding of the campus culture of Jiao Tong University through interaction with Jiao Tong University students.

The summer school invited 13 renowned scholars in the fields of medical robotics and medical imaging from home and abroad to teach the participants cutting-edge scientific knowledge and share their research experience. Prof Yang Guangzhong from Shanghai Jiaotong University explained the opportunities and challenges of medical robotics; Associate Professor Gao Anzhu from Shanghai Jiaotong University shared medical robotics: continuous robotics and sensing; Prof Li Yao from Shanghai Jiaotong University introduced the structural, functional and molecular fingerprints revealing brain functions and dysfunctions; and Associate Professor Qiu Guangyu from Shanghai Jiaotong University introduced multifunctional nanophotonics for biomedical sensing applications; Associate Professor Gu Yun, Shanghai Jiaotong University, on visual learning for lung anatomical parsing and surgical planning; Associate Professor Feng Jianjiang, Tsinghua University, Beijing, on human-computer interaction using fingerprints; Researcher Ren Hongyi, Alibaba Dharma Institute, Hangzhou, on deep learning algorithms in sparse-sampling CT reconstruction and the challenges of deploying them as a service; and Professor Peer Fischer, Max-Planck-Institut für Menschenrechtswissenschaft (Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Germany) introduced a new generation of ultrasound-triggered drug carriers; Assistant Professor Dandan Zhang from the University of Bristol, UK, shared about moving towards Healthcare 5.0 with trusted intelligent medical robots and advanced digital technologies; Professor Guoyan Zheng from Shanghai Jiaotong University explained the key technologies for intelligent image guidance of porous surgical robots; and Associate Professor Yuan Feng from Shanghai Jiaotong University shared about MR elasticity imaging and interventional magnetic resonance imaging for diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. imaging and interventional magnetic resonance imaging for diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases; Director Xiao-Zhou Wang from Shanghai Chest Hospital introduced interventional surgery for atrial septal defects; Professor Xiaojun Chen from Shanghai Jiaotong University explained the research on surgical navigation and robotics based on Artificial Intelligence/AR and its applications; and Professor Daniele Pucci from the Instituto Tecnológico Italiano shared the application of bringing the iCub Humanoid Robot into the field of real life applications; Prof Yang Gao from the University of Surrey, UK, presented AI robotics for sustainable space exploration and development.

There were many field visits and cultural activities out of the campus in the summer school schedule. The trainees visited the Robotics Laboratory of the Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, the Thoracic Medical Simulation Centre of Shanghai Chest Hospital, and the Innovation Centre for Students of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and so on. Director Li Huiwu of Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital shared the development of orthopaedic surgical robots and the technological breakthrough of total knee replacement with the assistance of Hongbao orthopaedic surgical robot; physicians of Shanghai Chest Hospital led the students to operate the da Vinci surgical robot as well as other simulated surgical robots; and Mr. Wu Shukun of SJTU University Student Innovation Center led the students to visit the robotics base. During the visit, the participants actively asked questions and engaged in lively discussions with great interest. In addition, the campus tour of Jiaotong University and the night tour of the Bund deepened the participants' understanding of Jiaotong University and Shanghai, and during the interaction, the participants gained a more direct and profound understanding of Jiaotong University and Shanghai's sea culture.

In order to improve the cohesion among the participants and to promote the collision of academic and research ideas, the summer school set up a project practice session. The theme of the project is whole heart segmentation. Five groups of students actively participated in the practical activities, constantly exchanged their learning experiences and resources, and cooperated to complete the project tasks.


On 15 July, the Closing Ceremony and Completion Ceremony of the 2023 Medical Robotics and Intelligent Imaging Summer School came to a successful end. In the final group presentation, the first group won with excellent reporting results and rich practical experience. Bao Jiahao from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chen Yidan from Yanshan University, Liu Bowen from Fudan University, Tan Zongcai from Imperial College and Yu Hao Yang from University College London were awarded as "Outstanding Participants" of the summer school. This summer school not only allowed students to have more direct communication and more intuitive understanding of each other's research content, but also allowed students and lecturers from both sides to take this opportunity to realise multi-dimensional and in-depth exchanges. After seven days of learning, students and volunteers from all over the world gained a lot and made a deep friendship.

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