IMR Successfully Hosted First Summer School

On July 12, 2019, "Medical Robotics and Rehabilitation Technology" -- the first International Summer School of Institute of Medical Robotics (hereinafter referred to as Summer School) was held in Minhang campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University. On the theme of "Medical Robotics and Rehabilitation Technology", the Summer School has carried out a series of cutting-edge lectures, in-depth discussions, cross-cultural exchange visits and other forms of activities.The summer school was jointly hosted by School of Biomedical Engineering, Institute of Medical Robotics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and ETH Zürich . More than 50 doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate students from Shanghai Jiao Tong university, ETH and other international famous universities participated in the summer school. 


The First Summer School of Institute of Summer School opened successfully


Deputy Dean of Insitute of Medical Robotics --Professor Weidong Chen presided over the opening ceremony of Summer School


Founding Dean of Institute of Medical Robotics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Guang-zhong Yang make a speech at the opening ceremony


Medical Robotics is the leading technology for the global economic and social transformation of disruptive, six professors from world class universities during this period, respectively, shows more than ten frontier academic report and the depth of the seminar in the field of medical robotics and rehabilitation medicine, the different dimensions of content within the scope of subject, respectively in the basic research, clinical application, development of industry and the specific research.The in-depth discussion session in the schedule provides an effective platform for students and professors to conduct in-depth research communication.


Cutting-edge academic report by Professors of Summer School


This summer school, in addition to lectures from well-known experts and professors at home and abroad, cultural activities are also colorful. Visiting medtronic Shanghai R&D center, giving teachers and students more intuitive understanding of medical apparatus and instruments. By vising Shanghai Jiao Tong University history museum, such as qian xuesen library tour is made of jiaotong university has not yet been familiar with the giving teachers and students more  deep understanding about spirit of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In addition, Pujiang Night Tour provides a good platform for teachers and students in summer school to have cross-cultural communication experience.


Culture Events in Summer School


Through the curriculum and cultural activities of Medical Robotics summer school, the participating students have enhanced their understanding and understanding of the cutting-edge technology in the field of medical robotics, inspiring the students to think about the future research field, and attracting outstanding students for the future construction of Institute of Medical Robotics.Through exchanges with experts and professors from different countries and regions around the world, the international exchanges and development of  Institute of Medical Robotics have been further promoted, which has laid a foundation for the internationalization of Institute of Medical Robotics and written a pioneering example.


Group Photo of Summer School Closing Ceremony


Institute of Medical Robotics

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