Adjunct Faculty

Jingchuan Wang


Location: Room 2-523, Telecom Building


Wang Jingchuan studied in the Department of Automation of Shanghai Jiaotong University from 2002 to 2005 and obtained bachelor and master degrees. After graduation in 2005, he stayed in the university and studied and obtained an in-service doctorate. At present, he is engaged in technical research work in service robots, multi-robot perception, modeling, self-positioning and control. He has published more than 40 papers. In recent years, he has hosted national key research and development projects, national natural fund projects, and Shanghai Science and Technology Commission innovation projects. He participated in many projects such as the National 863 Program and ITER Major Projects, and won one Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award and one Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award.

Wang applied for and obtained 15 national invention patent authorizations. The developed "Jiaolong" smart wheelchair won the first place in the 2012 Chiba Medical Engineering Week Student Medical Engineering Innovation Competition in 2012, and the Silver Award (the highest award) in the 2012 China Senior Well-being Product Design Competition. From May to October in 2010, he served the Shanghai World Expo Sunshine Pavilion. This work won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award and the title of "Shanghai World Expo Advanced Worker". At the same time, "Jiaolong" is far away from the robot, and has participated in the "Shanghai International Industry Fair" and the "National 11th Five-Year Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition" for many times. These research directions have been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the CCTV Science and Technology Channel has repeatedly given video reports.

Research Interests

Robot perception and control, rehabilitation assistant robot, help the old and disabled robot, robot positioning and navigation technology

Selected Publications

1、Ruochen Tai, Jingchuan Wang*, and Weidong Chen, A Prioritized Planning Algorithm of Trajectory Coordination Based on Time Windows for Multiple AGVs with Delay Disturbance, to be appeared in: Assembly Automation, 2019.

2、Jingchuan Wang*, Ming Zhao and Weidong Chen, MIM_SLAM: A Multi-Level ICP Matching Method for Mobile Robot in Large-Scale and Sparse Scenes, Vol:8(12), DOI: 10.3390/app8122432, 2018.

3、Irani, Behnam, Jingchuan Wang, and Weidong Chen*. A Localizability Constraint-Based Path Planning Method for Autonomous Vehicles. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Vol:22(7), pp.2593-2604 2018.

4、Wang Hesheng, Zheng Dongliang, Wang Jingchuan*, et al. Ego-Motion Estimation of a Quadrotor Based on Nonlinear Observer[J]. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 2018, 23(3): 1138-1147.

5、Hesheng Wang*, Jingchuan Wang, Weidong Chen, Lifei Xu. Automatic illumination planning for robot vision inspection system, Neurocomputing, Vol275(31): 19-28, 2018.

6、Dongliang Zheng, Hesheng Wang*, Jingchuan Wang, Siheng Chen, Weidong Chen, Image-Based Visual Servoing of a Quadrotor using Virtual Camera Approach, Vol:22(2), pp.972-982, 2017.

7、Jingchuan Wang*, Ming Yang, Weidong Chen, Research on localization and alignment technology for transfer cask, Fusion Engineering and Design, 2015, V96-97:378-382.

8、Jingchuan Wang*, Li Liu, Zhe Liu, Weidong Chen, Multilayer Matching SLAM for Large-Scale and Spacious Environments, International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 2015, 12.

9、Jingchuan Wang*, Weidong Chen, An improved extended information filter SLAM algorithm based on omnidirectional vision, Journal of Applied Mathematics, 2014, 2014.

10、Yong Wang, Weidong Chen*, Jingchuan Wang, Map-based localization for mobile robots in high-occluded and dynamic environments, Industrial Robot: An International Journal, 41(3): 241-252, 2014.

11、Yong Wang, Weidong Chen*, Jingchuan Wang, and Hesheng Wang, Active global localization based on localizability for mobile robots, Robotica, Published online: 25 April 2014.

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