Anzhu Gao

Assistant Professor

Location: E255, Translational Medicine Building, Insitute of Medical Robotics, Minhang District, Shanghai

Educational Background

2013 - 2017: PhD in Mechatronics Engineering, Shenyang Institute of Automation, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang, China
2014 - 2015: Visiting Student, LCSR, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, United States of America
2009 - 2011: Master in Mechatronics Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China
2005 - 2009: Bachelor in Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China

Work Experiences

2019 - Current: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Automation, Institute of Medical Robotics, Shanghai, China
2017 - 2019: Research Associate, The Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom
2011 - 2013: Work in Industry

Research Interests

Continuum Robots, Flexible Robots, Medical Robots, Micro Robots, Robot Sensing

Selected Publications

A. Gao, N. Liu, H. Zhang, Z. Wu, G. Z. Yang*, “Spiral FBG Sensors-Based Contact Detection for Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy”, Biosensors and Bioelectronics (BIOS), 170, 112653, 2020.

A. Gao, J. Li, Y. Zhou, Z. Wang, H. Liu*, “Modeling and Task-Oriented Optimization of Contact-Aided Continuum Robots”, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics (TMECH), vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 1444-1455, 2020.

A. Gao, N. Liu, M. Shen, M. Abdelaziz, B. Temelkuran, G. Yang*, “Laser-Profiled Continuum Robot with Integrated Tension-Sensing for Simultaneous Shape and Tip Force Estimation”, Soft Robotics (SoRo), vol. 7, no. 4, 421-443, 2020.

L. Ros-Freixedes, A. Gao*, N. Liu, M. Shen, G. Yang, “Design Optimization of a Contact-Aided Continuum Robot for Endobronchial Interventions Based on Anatomical Constraints”, IJCARS & IPCAI 2019, vol. 14, no. 7, pp. 1137-1146, 2019.

A. Gao, Y. Zou, L. Cao, Z. Wang, and H. Liu*, “Fiber Bragg Grating Based Tri-Axial Force Sensor with Parallel Flexure Hinges”, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (TIE), vol. 65, no. 10, pp. 8215-8223, 2018.

A. Gao, R. Murphy, H. Liu*, I. Iordachita, and M. Armand*, “Mechanical Model of Dexterous Continuum Manipulators with Compliant Joints and Tendon/External Force Interactions”, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics (TMECH), vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 465-475, 2017.

A. Gao, Y. Zou, Z. Wang, and H. Liu*, “A General Friction Model of Discrete Interactions for Tendon Actuated Dexterous Manipulators”, Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics-Transactions of the ASME (JMR), vol. 9, no. 4, 041019, 2017.

A. Gao, H. Liu*, Y. Zou, Z. Wang, and M. Liang, “A Contact-Aided Asymmetric Steerable Catheter for Atrial Fibrillation Ablation”, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L) with IEEE ICRA presentation (ICRA’2017), vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 1525-1531, 2017.

A. Gao*, J. Carey, R. Murphy, I. Iordachita, R. Taylor, and M. Armand, “Progress toward Robotic Surgery of the Lateral Skull Base: Integration of a Dexterous Continuum Manipulator and Flexible Ring Curette”, in Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA’16), 2016, pp. 4429-4435.

A. Gao, H. Liu*, Y. Zhou, Z. Yang, Z. Wang, and H. Li, “A Cross-helical Tendons Actuated Dexterous Continuum Manipulator,” in Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS’15), pp. 2012-2017, 2015.

Institute of Medical Robotics

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