The 2018 Academic Forum of Institute of Medical Robotics is held in the Translational Medicine Building of Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University from December 20 to 21. The forum invites government leaders, well-known experts, young scholars and business elites from all over the world, report and present the latest research progress in the field of medical robotics and also discuss the technical challenges and future development trends. It aims to promote collaborative innovation among governments, academic institutions, hospitals and enterprises as well as boost the international academic exchanges and cooperation in the field of medical robotics.

The Institute of Medical Robotics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is a newly established multidisciplinary platform for the advancement of medical robotics and allied technologies with a clear focus on direct patient benefit and socio-economic values. This is a top-level institute directly under the University, working closely with other academic schools/departments. The main research directions include basic science research centers in Micro/Nano Systems, Perception and Cognition, Bioinspired and Biohybrid Systems, and Smart Materials, as well as applied research centers in Surgical Robotics, Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics, Image-guided Intervention, AI and Human-robot Interaction, Biophotonics, and Precision Mechatronics. By leveraging the unique strength of the SJTU medical school and affiliated teaching hospitals, joint clinical research centers with targeted disease focus will also be established.



Session I

Session II

Session III

Conference Theme

Clinical application and Industrialization of Medical Robotics

Advances and Challenges of Mdical Robotics

Emerging Technologies and Trends in Medical Robotics


Lobby of Translational Medicine Building, Minhang Campus

Lobby of Translational Medicine Building, Minhang Campus

Lobby of Translational Medicine Building, Minhang Campus


December 20th, 9:40-10:45

December 20th, 11:15--18:00

December 21st, 9:00-13:30




Professor Weidong Chen


Professor Guoyan Zheng


Professor Chongzhao Wu

Institute of Medical Robotics

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