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  • IMR Engineer Recruitment    2022-03-15 

    Recruitment position: IMR Engineer Recruitment

    The Institute of Medical Robotics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is a university-level multidisciplinary crossover research platform that was launched in December 2017. The Institute involves different disciplines such as biology, medicine, mechanics, materials, information, control and computers, and integrates research, education, development, clinical, translation and services. The Institute is based on three major research directions: surgical robotics, rehabilitation and assistive robotics and hospital automation robotics, building surgical robotics, rehabilitation and assistive robotics, hospital automation and high-throughput robotics, micro-nano systems, perception and cognition The Institute has established ten centres in the areas of surgical robotics, rehabilitation and assistive robotics, hospital automation and high-throughput robotics, micro-nano systems, perception and cognition, intelligent composites, bioelectronics, bio-hybrid and bionic systems, bio-photonics, precision electromechanics and manufacturing and robotic vision and imaging intervention.

            Since its establishment, the Institute has been working to build a world-class and leading R&D platform for core medical robotics technologies, to support the transformation of key technologies in Shanghai and China's medical robotics industry, and to create an internationally influential gathering place for masters of cutting-edge medical robotics research and talents for industrial transformation.

            The Institute is currently undertaking a number of major national and Shanghai key projects. We welcome you to join us, "Do challenging things with good people". We will provide competitive remuneration packages in the industry and quality professional training and career development support to challenge yourself and build a new era of medical robotics together with you.


    Recruitment positions


    Position 1: Mechanical Engineer

    Job responsibilities:

    1、Carrying key R&D projects, participating in medical robot development projects, responsible for mechanical structure design, modelling and kinematic simulation and design optimization of precision multi-joint and parallel robots;

    2、Responsible for robot debugging and functional testing, participate in product design conversion, assist in solving process and quality problems in the production process, responsible for the preparation and modification of design documents to meet the conversion requirements.

    Recruitment requirements:

    1、Bachelor degree or above in automation, electrical engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing, electronic information engineering, mechatronics, industrial engineering, computer engineering, computer science, biomedical engineering, microelectronics and other related majors, with more than 2 years of experience in robot and multi-axis robotic arm development and debugging;

    2, proficient in SolidWorks, Pro E and other drawing software, and have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of automatic control and robot motion control process.


    Position 2: Physical and chemical laboratory engineer

    Job duties:

    1、Responsible for the ordering and management of common laboratory reagents and consumables;

    2、Responsible for the training, management and maintenance of physical and chemical laboratory equipment;

    3、Assist the research team to carry out research related to micro and nano manufacturing of intelligent materials;

    4、Carry key R&D projects and be responsible for other related work assigned by the Institute.

    Recruitment requirements:

    1、Postgraduate degree in chemistry, materials, biology and other related majors;

    2、Be able to prepare laboratory apparatus, operate and maintain equipment and organize documents according to the operation specification requirements;

    3、Some experience in the synthesis and preparation of micro and nano intelligent materials (optical, acoustic, electrical and magnetic nano functional components);

    4, familiar with micro-nano processing, surface modification technology is preferred (such as laser micro-nano processing technology, photolithography, etc.);

    5, responsible, hands-on, hardworking, team player, good communication skills


    Position 3: Electrical Engineer

    Job duties:

    1、Carrying key R&D projects, participating in the development projects of medical robots, responsible for microelectronics including low-power implantation system design;

    2、Responsible for the hardware design of embedded systems, coordination of hardware and software system design and interfacing.

    Recruitment requirements:

    1、Bachelor degree or above in microelectronics, electrical engineering, automation, biomedical electronics and other related majors, with more than 1~3 years of relevant work experience in embedded system design;

    2, with medical microelectronics system design related expertise; familiar with the product development process, with some experience in analog circuit testing;

    3, proficiency in one of ARM or FPGA, understanding the use of MCU peripherals (UART, SPI, I2C, ADC, DAC, DMA, PWM, timer);

    4. familiar with MCU-based sensor signal acquisition, waveform output and other embedded development; /5 familiar with real-time operating systems and able to develop time-critical programs under real-time operating systems;

    Skilled in applying various robot motion control algorithms, such as interpolation, PID, filtering, etc.


    Position 4: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Engineer

    Job duties:

    1、Carrying key R&D projects and participating in the project development of magnetic resonance navigation

    2、Responsible for maintaining the daily maintenance and operation of the MRI system;

    3、Responsible for magnetic resonance image data acquisition under the guidance of scientific staff;

    4、Participate in experimental design, optimization of imaging sequences and evaluation of image quality.

    Recruitment requirements:

    1、Master's degree or above in engineering, physics or other related disciplines;

    2, proficient in the physical principles and methods of magnetic resonance imaging, familiar with magnetic resonance imaging sequences and the hardware components of magnetic resonance imagers;

    3, with two years or more experience in operating medical magnetic resonance imaging systems;

    4, working rigorously and responsibly, with teamwork spirit and strong learning ability;

    5, with magnetic resonance instrument induction certificate, large equipment induction certificate is preferred.


    Contact information

    Contact Person: Ms. Gu

    Tel: 021-34208200


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