Zhichao Ma

Associate Professor

Location: Room N215, Translational Medicine Building


Dr., Associate Professor of Long Term Teaching Track, received his undergraduate degree from Jilin University, followed by a PhD from Singapore University of Technology and Design and a post-doctoral fellowship at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Germany (Humboldt Scholar). His research has been published in Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Advanced Science, Science Advances, Physical Review Letters, Analytical He has published more than 30 SCI articles in Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Advanced Science, Science Advances, Physical Review Letters, Analytical Chemistry, Lab on a Chip, etc.

Educational Background

2014-2018 PhD Singapore University of Technology and Design
2010-2014 Bachelors Jilin University

Work Experiences

2021-present Associate Professor Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Biomedical Engineering, Institute of Medical Robotics
2018-2021 Postdoctoral Fellow (Humboldt Scholar) Max-Planck-Institute for Intelligent Systems

Research Interests

At present, the group's research is mainly based on micro-scale physical phenomena, developing new biomedical intelligent and miniaturised instruments, with the characteristics of intersection of science, engineering and medicine. Specific research directions include: 1) particle manipulation technology (e.g. cells, drug particles, etc.); 2) design, manufacture and control of medical micro-robots; and 3) micro-scale fluid manipulation technology. The research work is guided by major national strategic needs and aims to advance the development of medical instruments and provide new rapid, non-invasive and customised detection and treatment tools.

Selected Publications

(1) Z. Ma*, P. Fischer*. Acoustic micro-manipulation and its biomedical applications. Engineering. in press (2022)
(2) R. Goyal, A. G. Athanassiadis*, Z. Ma*, P. Fischer. Amplification of Acoustic Forces Using Microbubble Arrays Enables Manipulation of Centimeter-Scale Objects. Physical Review Letters 128, 254502 (2022)
(3) A. G. Athanassiadis*#, Z. Ma#, N. Moreno-Gomez#, K. Melde#, E. Choi, R. Goyal, P. Fischer*. Ultrasound-Responsive Systems as Components for Smart Materials. 122, 5, 5165–5208 Chemical Reviews (2022)
(4) Z. Ma*, H. Joh, D. E. Fan, P. Fischer*. Dynamic Ultrasound Projector Controlled by Light. Advanced Science 9, 2104401 (2022)
(5) Z. Ma, K. Melde, A. G. Athanassiadis, M. Schau, H. Richter, T. Qiu*, P. Fischer*. Spatial Ultrasound Modulation by Digitally Controlling Microbubble Arrays. Nature Communications 11, 1-7 (2020).
(6) Z. Ma, A. W. Holle, K. Melde, T. Qiu, K. Poeppel, V. M. Kadiri, P. Fischer*. Acoustic Holographic Cell Patterning in a Biocompatible Hydrogel. Advanced Materials 32, 1904181 (2020).
(7) Z. Ma, Y. Zhou, F. Cai, L. Meng, H. Zheng, Y. Ai*. Ultrasonic Microstreaming for Complex-Trajectory Transport and Rotation of Single Particles and Cells. Lab on a Chip 20, 2947-2953 (2020).
(8) Z. Ma, Y. Zhou, D. J. Collins, Y. Ai*. Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting via a Focused Traveling Surface Acoustic Beam. Lab on a Chip 17, 3176-3185 (2017).
(9) Z. Ma, D. J. Collins, Y. Ai*. Single-actuator Bandpass Microparticle Filtration via Traveling Surface Acoustic Waves. Colloid and Interface Science Communications 16, 6-9 (2017).
(10) Z. Ma#, A. Teo#, S. H. Tan*, Y. Ai*, N. Nguyen*. Self-Aligned Interdigitated Transducers for Acoustofluidics. Micromachines 7, 216 (2016).
(11) Z. Ma, D. J. Collins, Y. Ai*. Detachable Acoustofluidic System for Particle Separation via a Traveling Surface Acoustic Wave. Analytical Chemistry 88, 5316-5323 (2016).
(12) Z. Ma, D. J. Collins, J. Guo, Y. Ai*. Mechanical Properties Based Particle Separation via Traveling Surface Acoustic Wave. Analytical Chemistry 88, 11844-11851 (2016).
(13) Z. Ma, J. Guo, Y. Liu, Y. Ai*. The Patterning Mechanism of Carbon Nanotubes Using Surface Acoustic Waves: the Acoustic Radiation Effect or the Dielectrophoretic Effect. Nanoscale 7, 14047-14054 (2015).
(14) Y. Zhou#, Z. Ma#, Y. Ai*. Submicron Particle Concentration and Patterning with Ultra-Low Frequency Acoustic Vibration. Analytical Chemistry 92 12795-12800 (2020).
(15) P. Li#, Z. Ma#, Y. Zhou, D. J. Collins, Z. Wang, Y. Ai*. Detachable Acoustophoretic System for Fluorescence-Activated Sorting at the Single-Droplet Level. Analytical Chemistry 91, 9970-9977 (2019).
(16) Y. Zhou#, Z. Ma#, Ye Ai*. Hybrid Microfluidic Sorting of Rare Cells Based on High Throughput Inertial Focusing and High Accuracy Acoustic Manipulation. RSC Advances 9, 31186-31195 (2019).

Honors and Awards

2020 Humboldt Scholar Postdoctoral Fellowship
2018 National Scholarship for Outstanding Privately Financed Students

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