Bing Han

Assistant Professor

Location: N219, 2nd Floor, Translational Medicine Building, Minhang Campus

Educational Background

2013.09 - 2019.07 Jilin University, School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Physical Electronics, Doctor of Engineering Supervisor: Prof. Sun Hongbo
2008.09 - 2012.07 Jilin University, School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Information Engineering

Work Experiences

2019.07 to 2021.10 Tsinghua University, Department of Fine Instrumentation, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Optical Engineering
2021.10 to present Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Biomedical Engineering/Institute of Medical Robotics, Long-Term Teaching Track Assistant Professor, PhD Supervisor

Research Interests

Micro and nano robotics, laser precision manufacturing, multi-field manipulation, intelligent responsive materials, targeted drug delivery

Selected Publications

1. Zhuo-Chen Ma, Jiahao Fan, Hesheng Wang, Weidong Chen, Guang-Zhong Yang, and Bing Han,* Microfluidic approaches for micro-actuators: from fabrication, actuation, to functionalization, Small, (2023). (Accepted)
2. Mingzhen Tian, Zhuo-Chen Ma,* Qingqing Han, Qian Suo, Zhijun Zhang, Bing Han,* Emerging applications of femtosecond laser fabrication in neurobiological research, Frontiers in Chemistry, 10, 1051061 (2022)
3. Bing Han, Zhuo-Chen Ma, Yong-Lai Zhang,* Lin Zhu, Hua Fan, Benfeng Bai, Qi-Dai Chen, Guang-Zhong Yang,* and Hong-Bo Sun,* Reprogrammable Soft Robot Actuation by Synergistic Magnetic and Light Fields, Adv. Funct. Mater. 32, 2110997 (2021).
4. Zhuo-Chen Ma, Yong-Lai Zhang,* Bing Han, Xin-Yu Hu, Chun-He Li, Qi-Dai Chen, Hong-Bo Sun,* Nat. Commun., 11, 4536 (2020).
5. Bing Han, Yuan-Yuan Gao, Yong-Lai Zhang,* Yu-Qing Liu, Zhuo-Chen Ma, Qi Guo, Lin Zhu, Qi-Dai Chen and Hong-Bo Sun, Multi-field-coupling energy conversion for flexible manipulation of graphene-based soft robots. Nano Energy 71, 104578 (2020).
6. Wei Wang, Bing Han, Yang Zhang, Qi Li, Yong-Lai Zhang*, Dong-Dong Han and Hong-Bo Sun,* Laser Induced Graphene Tapes as Origami and Stick-On Labels for Photothermal Manipulation via Marangoni Effect, Adv. Funct. Mater. 2006179 (2020).
7. Bing Han, Yuan-Yuan Gao, Lin Zhu, Zhuo-Chen Ma, Xu-Lin Zhang, Hong Ding and Yong-Lai Zhang.* In-situ Integration of SERS Sensors for On-Chip Catalytic Reactions. Adv. Mater. Tech. 5,1900963 (2020).
8. Bing Han, Yong-Lai Zhang,* Hong-Bo Sun,* Remote light control of graphene spider robot, Chinese Science Bulletin, 65, 4152 (2020)
9. Bing Han, Yong-Lai Zhang,* Lin Zhu, Ying Li, Zhuo-Chen Ma, Yu-Qing Liu, Xu-Lin Zhang, Xiao-Wen Cao, Qi Dai Chen, Cheng-Wei Qiu,* and Hong-Bo Sun,* Plasmonic-assisted graphene oxide artificial muscles, Adv. Mater. 31, 1806386 (2019). (Front Cover)
10. Bing Han, Yong-Lai Zhang,* Laser fabrication of graphene-based soft robots, Journal of Semiconductors, 40,120401 (2019)
11. Yuan-Yuan Gao, Bing Han,* Wen-Ya Zhao, Zhuo-Chen Ma, Yong-Sen Yu,* and Hong-Bo Sun, Light-Responsive Actuators Based on Graphene, Frontiers in Chemistry, 7, 506 (2019)
12. Wei Wang, Yong-Lai Zhang,* Bing Han, Jia-Nan Ma, Jian-Nan Wang, Dong-Dong Han, Zhuo-Chen Ma, Hong-Bo Sun, A complementary strategy for producing moisture and alkane dual-responsive actuators based on graphene oxide and PDMS bimorph, Sens. Actuators B 290, 133 (2019)
13. Lin Zhu, Yuan-Yuan Gao, Bing Han, Yong-Lai Zhang,* and Hong-Bo Sun, Laser fabrication of graphene-based electrothermal actuators enabling predicable deformation, Opt. Lett. 44, 1363 (2019)
14. Bing Han, Yong-Lai Zhang,* Qi-Dai Chen, and Hong-Bo Sun,* Carbon-based photothermal actuators, Adv. Funct. Mater. 28, 1802235 (2018).
15. Bing Han, Yong-Lai Zhang,* Lin Zhu, Xu-Hui Chen, Zhuo-Chen Ma, Xu-Lin Zhang, Jian-Nan Wang, Wei Wang, Yu-Qing Liu, Hong-Bo Sun,* Direct laser scribing of AgNPs@RGO biochip as a reusable SERS sensor for DNA detection, Sens. Actuators B 270, 500 (2018).


Undergraduate course "Analogue Electronics and Experimentation

Software copyright registration and Patent

1. SUN Hongbo, ZHANG Yonglai, HAN Bing "A photothermal responsive material and a method and application for preparing a photothermal driven robot with it", ZL: 201810167319.1
2. SUN Hongbo, ZHANG Yonglai, HAN Bing "An integrated artificial joint based on laser local modification and its application", ZL: 201810167320.4
3. Sun Hongbo, Han Bing, Zhang Yonglai, An omnidire
ctional motion robot with dual-field cooperative drive and its drive method, ZL: 202110149476.1
4. Ma Zhuochen; Han Qingqing; Han Bing "Intelligent micro-gripper based on multi-component materials and 3D micro-nano integrated manufacturing method", CN115383721A
5. Ma Zhuochen; Han Qingqing; Han Bing "An optical fiber endface optical drive microgripper and its preparation method", CN115356815A

Honors and Awards

2021.12 Excellent PhD Thesis of Jilin Province
2021.06 Outstanding PhD Thesis of the Optical Engineering Society of China
2020.04 Wang Daheng Optics Award (Student Optics Award) of the Optical Society of China 2019
2019.09 Title of "Shuimu Scholar", Tsinghua University
2019.04 Recipient of the Postdoctoral Innovation Talent Support Program

Institute of Medical Robotics

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