Yunze Xu


Modern robotics is an advanced minimally invasive technology with the advantages of wristed capability, three-dimensional optics, and tremor filtration compared with conventional laparoscopy. The use of robot-assisted surgery by urologists is increasing. Urologists have been early adopters of robotic surgical technology. However, despite its advantages, improvements in haptics, system size, and cost are still desired. In this lecture, I will introduce the challenges involved in robot-assisted surgery use in Urology, as well as the indications for and feasibility of procedures performed and, where possible, outcomes with robot-assisted surgery.



Dr. Yunze Xu received the the Ph.D. degree in Urology from School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University, in 2016. He was a Visiting scholar with the Hamlyn Center for Robotic Surgery, Imperial College London, U.K. in 2018, and with the medical school at University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston, USA in 2015 . He published many articals in international scientific journals including Eur Urol, World J Surg, Endocrine et al. His research interests include medical robots and the basic and clinical research of urinary tumors, especially renal tumors.


Institute of Medical Robotics

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