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Catherine Mohr

Intuitive Foundation, US

21:55-22:40 Shanghai Time, July 7
Automating Self Assessment


When learning complex psychomotor tasks such as surgery, the ability of the learner to assess their own performance and guide their practice towards improving their skills rather than reinforcing incorrect skills is critical for successful acquisition of clinical competence. Robotics gives us a unique window into the both the assessment and teaching aspects of skill acquisition.



Dr. Catherine Mohr is President of the Intuitive Foundation, investing in research and development programs aimed at improving the education of medical practitioners around the world and applying novel technologies towards reducing the global burden of disease. As a HealthTech executive with over 20 years of experience in the areas of strategy, research, product development, and organizational change, Catherine brings a diverse background which covers surgery, surgical education, medical technology, engineering, product design, healthcare, alternative energy, automotive, aerospace, global entrepreneurship, IP litigation, FDA compliance, and product development. From this perspective she brings deep insights into emerging opportunities, technology trends, issues and challenges. She has been involved with numerous startup companies in both energy and medical devices, and is involved with entrepreneurship programs worldwide.  Dr Mohr serves as a scientific and academic advisor for several international universities as well as government technology development programs in the US, UK and her native New Zealand. Dr. Mohr received her BS and MS in mechanical engineering from MIT, and her MD from Stanford University School of Medicine.

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